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    5 ft. 5 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Self Employed
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    Yes, living elsewhere


`First let me say that I am brutally honest. I do not lie, nor do I play or tolerate stupid games. I will trust you until you give me reason not to. As regarding myself, I will not give you reason to mistrust me..!! Looking for that relationship that melts your heart when you see her and aches when she is gone from your sight. The all in one package, that works for both of us, and the intelligence to nurture and grow it. I don't want much, just the person who wants to be my sun, moon and stars. I'm not a person that can fake it when it comes to a relationship, and I don't want several, I'm only smart enough to have one at a time. . . or maybe too smart to think that more than one is okay. I want to share the world with someone I care for and see it reflected through their eyes. I would like to find a woman who believes that communication is the key to a good relationship, and is open with her feelings. I want to build our relationship on honesty, trust, and friendship. I'm looking for someone who can admit when they are wrong. I want to be there for my partner when times are difficult, and know that they are there for me as well. I feel that I am what most men promise women, but I deliver. I'm a hopeless romantic who believes in candle lit rooms, snuggling during a thunderstorm, and flowers for no reason at all. I want - and can give - the real deal - real commitment. I enjoy being relaxed and having a good time, I love to BBQ, kicking it in the backyard with cocktails and good friends. Dining out but not every night, if you can cook and like to! "bonus", if not no worries, I can and like to. I like walks in the evening, if you do I would love it even more. A movie, a fire, bottle of good wine, a big comfortable couch and a very special person to enjoy that with. I like the idea of world peace, but not at the cost of our freedoms or security, I support our troops and pray for them. I like to do lots of different things. . wine and dining, exploring and day trips, hiking, sailing, movies, window shopping, fairs, social cooking, snuggling, kissing--sharing life with one special person! Low stress and high energy, patient, I do enjoy being needed as long as it is a mutual attraction and realistic in scope. Independence is attractive but being open and able to show a vulnerable side is beautiful on many levels. I have loved and been loved deeply and I know both the joy and the pain that can go with the commitment, I am faithful and I have to develop an emotional attachment before I can move to the next level, I have been embarrassed by this fact in my nature so I will be honest about my attraction. I do believe in chemistry and I'm a hopeless romantic when the feeling is there.

What I am looking for

All I'm looking for is the woman who can and wants to be the Sun, Moon and Stars in my little universe, (yeah hopeless romantic) She must be intelligent, witty, kind and affectionate. She will care about herself but not at the expense of others and she will be my friend and confidant. A smile is her umbrella and high maintenance is not necessarily a turn off, that is why Harley Davidson is still around after all. Fitness is key and a desire to learn through travel and experience. I have loved and been loved deeply and I know the joy and pain that can go with that kind of partnership, it is worth it.